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Smart self-defence system based on traditional Martial Arts.

tigers play 2We are learning naturally like small animals do – by playing.
Playing way his more fun and much safer than fighting way.

If we play we are not hesitating to try new things and make mistakes.
With competitive attitude people are avoiding to fail, so they prefer old good tricks.
We create a game to play with any aspect. The game provide us our own experience – we feel what is working and what doesn’t.

We focus to be aware of stress, fear or pain (e.g. workout, massage). Than if we are aware of stress we can use mind, wave and breathing technique to keep calm & relax. To recognize undesirable tension is important to improve internal feeling . This a new sense is necessary for surfing on kinetic energy – flow.76779_446782762048304_625892708_n
External feeling (touch, follow, wrap) improve your tactile reaction.

Conflict management related psychology, body-language, good tactics smart strategy is necessary for efficient self-defence.

Our logo shows our open attitude to many sources of knowledge. Any Martial Art come from one side, but something are going across any of them – principles. Therefore we are finding for principles and trying for the best definition.

Smart defence is not just a learning new stuff. You already know many unbelievable things, because human born as a warrior. Thousands previous generations of our ancestors was hunters on captured. You just have to learn how to empty your mind, be free from expectation – accept it. I will help you to recall on your natural intuition and other ‘primitive instinct‘..


Russian Systema

It is based on an ancient Russian fighting system. It’s really intuitive & natural, smooth, unbelievably dynamics & effective.
Therefore Systema was taught to the top Russian special forces, like Tsar’s or Stalin’s bodyguards.
However Systema is based on humanity & kindness. It also teaches also how to cope with stress,  pain & fear.
Systema warriors exercise to generate their power with waves, being strong but relax, whilst being free in their movements. This exercises will strengthen your core, tendons, ligaments and of course your mind…


Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun was created hundreds of years ago by a woman.
It uses dynamic harmony instead of just brute force, so it works really well against bigger & stronger opponents.



Karate teaches you Bushidō – “the way of the warrior”.
You never give up.
It’s Okinawan & Japanese culture’s answer for the question: ‘how to upgrade your body & mind?’.
Karate teaches you how to be hard.



Small piece which left from European traditional Martial Arts. We can see the ancient root of boxing in Greek pygmachia.
Originally boxing was something like a today’s ‘cage fighting’, but with restricted of rules which forbids biting, holding & the use of elbows, knees or leg.
Boxing has really good body movements & good arm strike solutions, which can be used for open self-defence.


Eskrima, Arnis and Kali are umbrella terms for the traditional “Filipino Martial Arts”  that emphasize weapon-based fighting with sticks, knives and other bladed weapons, and various improvised weapons.



How do we teach?

Relax & improve your feelingUnderstand universal fighting principles, body mechanics and tactics.

Upgrade your speed, strength, balance, feeling, flexibility & other abilities!
You will obtain invaluable experience in a safe environment.

Most importantly have fun! 😀

Come & try a new Smarter approach to martial arts…



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