Wing Chun – kung fu

The Wing Chun system (spell also Wing Tsun) was created 300 years ago in China Ng Mui the abbess of a Shaolin monastery. Therefore Wing Chun was constructed as a system using softness & flexibility instead greater force. That is reason why this system is convenient to use for weaker, smaller or older students…

Wing Chun system is a really important factor, why Bruce Lee was so good. He grew up under the legendary Great Grandmaster of Wing Chun – Yip Man. Yip Man’s last student was GGM Leung Ting.

The Wing Chun system is progressive self-defence technology and in constant developing using scientific methods by masters like Andrew Cameron or Keith R. Kernspecht.

Andrew Cameron
The Wing Chun system is regarded by experts as one of the most effective self-defence system on the planet. That is why Special Forces around the word like FBI, CIA, SEKKSK use this system…