Adults & Teenagers class in FYP Tunbridge Wells

Smart-defence is mix of internal martial arts (especially Russian Systema and Wing Chun).

With open mind we adopt any smart concepts.

We don’t fight. We play! 🙂 We learn spontaneously by playing like animals do. With positive attitude to help each other.. We like to smile and have a fun…

What make us so strong and dynamic? Bodywave! Kinetic energy flow.. To master bodywave, we get relaxed and smooth.. We became more sensitive: are developing internal feeling, tactile feeling and spacious awareness. Speed of your reaction depends on your sensitivity.

Tibor Moravcik
Instructor of more martial arts

7.40 – 9.00pm
The Freestyle Yoga Project,
42 High Street, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1XF

We had a good experience with training parents with teenagers.

FYP welcome