Systema – Russian Martial Arts

Visit Tibor’s new Systema website. Systema is a smart martial art and self-defence system, based on being relaxed. Moving without undesirable tension makes your movement more efficient. To be efficient you have to flow on your bodywave – kinetic energy. Being relaxed also improves your ability to adapt – to synchronise. To be aware of […]

Vital posture – Be like Fire

Be like fire 3/3 Balance 2/3 Dynamic process 1/3 Be like fire We should be relaxed, but not soft. Soft body is attracted just by earth, however we are made up also from fire; and fire flows to the sky. So, a vital are pulled by gravitational force down & by fire upwards. Fire also […]


By Tibor Moravcik I still remember how my grandma use to push me in the swing. She used to swing me for hours.. She was tireless, now I understand why: because she had a feeling for when to push me at the right moment – in harmony with kinetic energy – efficiently – with a […]

Flow to jab


How wave relaxes tissue?

What happened if I wave this towel…? The towel doesn’t stay any more. The Wave breaks down tension. Therefore if you have a stiff neck, you subconsciously wave it. How would proper bodywave workout improve your body? Wouldn’t you too, like to be more relaxed & fluid..?

First contact

Video – Want to be more dynamics?

Want to be more dynamics person? MOVE DYNAMICALLY! Try every day 3-4 minutes & feel different! 😉 More info about Bodywaving:


December 13, 2011 by Konstantin Komarov   Life today is riddled with fear. We`re being scared by everyone. Turn on the TV and you are surrounded by horrors. Go online and  get a load of new nightmares. Visit your local bank or store and you hear the same topics on everyone’s lips: the financial crisis, […]

Children program

We can run for you effective, fun self-defence classes in Tunbridge Wells area. We developed it as part of an anti-bullying & healthy living program, our classes are not only exciting and physical but also mind stimulating. Centred on developing children’s’ confidence, the core value of our class is based on harmony, helping to deal […]

Flow in like water..

How to obtain first contact with opponent..? Video will show you how to flow in & harmonise with static or dynamic object.