Bodywave – New source of your power

You have two sources of the physical force: –  your muscles –  your momentum – mass of your body in motion Momentum can flow through relaxed body like it flow through water – make a wave. This ‘bodywave’ – is a massive force, which you can use or throw out. Most of us don’t know […]

Principles of self-defence

Principles of self-defence Be good, be kind.  Breathe. Be efficient. Use as little effort as possible. Relax. Keep it simple. Use bodywaves. Be water. Flow forward or down. Be fire. Flow up. Accept. To see the situation objectively you have to accept it. To use opponent’s force, you have to accept his force. Synchronise. Merge […]

Street Fighting, Sports or Self-Defence?

What’s the difference between street fighting, combat sports and self-defence? Aren’t all martial arts self-defence? A combat sport or a sports fight is a competition between two fight contestants. The fighters agree to a certain set of rules which ensure relative safety. Determining the winner of the match depends on these specific rules. For instance, […]

Clinch – basic analysis

1. How clinch can be used? With clinch you can control opponents head, neck, spine & indirectly whole his body. Clinch allows you to manipulate an opponent’s body & take his balance. From clinch is possible to break down opponent structure & bend him – what is good position for strike. 2. How to prevent […]

What is Short Work?

Vladimir Vasiliev: More specifically, Short Work is the result of the opponents’ tension and your relaxation. In a confrontation, your attacker is either tense and you need to see where or you can force him to tense up wherever you need him to. Then you bounce your strikes and movements off his tension. This allows […]

Wing Chun video

Become water with Smart-defence & Tibor Moravcik   Wing Tsun Training   Wing Tsun Universe (WTU) Guild Movements and Applications   Technikerwoche an der Trainerakademie der EWTO   Wing Fight en Artes Marciales Televisión   The Wing Revolution 1. Internationaler Lehrgang 2012Valencia   Wing Tsun Universe (WTU) Solo und Partner Movements   Wing Tsun Universe […]

Wing Chun & Systema

At higher levels smart self-defence systems will  function similarly, different is the most method of teaching. Wing Chun is teaching using a  more linear & structured method. Systema is teaching using a more holistic & intuitive method. Most of Wing Chun & Systema concepts are similar, however both way are using unique concepts. Wing Chun & Systema are compatible systems and we can train Systema […]

How could Smart-defence help you?

1. SD helps you keep safe, protect yourself & your loved ones. SD teaches us to automatically do the right movements at the right time. The ability to harmonise will make you more effective in your day to day life… 2. SD change your body The best strategy for self-defence is make your body more […]

Dynamic way of harmony

Dynamic way of harmony Fighting is probably the most mindless human activity; normal people don’t like it. The opposite of fighting is harmony. It’s a paradox that harmony is also a crucial element of effective fighting. If you harmonise with an opponent, they cannot hit you & you also can use non-violent solutions (e.g. control them). If […]


“Life Energy Cultivation program” Supple?  Dynamics?  Elastic strength?  Energy?  Relaxation?  Feeling force? Vitalizing extracted from core of traditional cultivation programs like Chinese Chi Kung, Russian Systema (warriors & healing program), Joga etc. & complemented it with modern scientific knowledge. It is a wonderfully crafted program of breathing control, movement and self-massage to manage your everyday […]