Systema – Russian Martial Arts

Visit Tibor’s new Systema website. Systema is a smart martial art and self-defence system, based on being relaxed. Moving without undesirable tension makes your movement more efficient. To be efficient you have to flow on your bodywave – kinetic energy. Being relaxed also improves your ability to adapt – to synchronise. To be aware of […]

Smart self-defence for kids

Smart-defence is an modern training method taking the core from more Martial Arts*. We learn in the same natural way than animals do: by playing. We play in positive atmosphere, helping each other. We are usually smiling and have fun… The ability** which your kids will be rich in for all life.. It doesn’t need […]

Adults & Teenagers class in FYP Tunbridge Wells

Smart-defence is mix of internal martial arts (especially Russian Systema and Wing Chun). With open mind we adopt any smart concepts. We don’t fight. We play! 🙂 We learn spontaneously by playing like animals do. With positive attitude to help each other.. We like to smile and have a fun… What make us so strong […]


By Tibor Moravcik I still remember how my grandma use to push me in the swing. She used to swing me for hours.. She was tireless, now I understand why: because she had a feeling for when to push me at the right moment – in harmony with kinetic energy – efficiently – with a […]

Principles of self-defence

Principles of self-defence Be good, be kind.  Breathe. Be efficient. Use as little effort as possible. Relax. Keep it simple. Use bodywaves. Be water. Flow forward or down. Be fire. Flow up. Accept. To see the situation objectively you have to accept it. To use opponent’s force, you have to accept his force. Synchronise. Merge […]

Should self-defence be aggressive?

by Tibor Moravcik There are two kinds of self-defence: 1) First teaches you to be more aggressive & violent – it feeds your dark side, 2) The other makes you calm & teaches you to control your anger, ability to harmonise – they support your humanity. Which one is more effective? Somebody says: anger & […]

Wing Chun & Systema

At higher levels smart self-defence systems will  function similarly, different is the most method of teaching. Wing Chun is teaching using a  more linear & structured method. Systema is teaching using a more holistic & intuitive method. Most of Wing Chun & Systema concepts are similar, however both way are using unique concepts. Wing Chun & Systema are compatible systems and we can train Systema […]

How could Smart-defence help you?

1. SD helps you keep safe, protect yourself & your loved ones. SD teaches us to automatically do the right movements at the right time. The ability to harmonise will make you more effective in your day to day life… 2. SD change your body The best strategy for self-defence is make your body more […]

Dynamic way of harmony

Dynamic way of harmony Fighting is probably the most mindless human activity; normal people don’t like it. The opposite of fighting is harmony. It’s a paradox that harmony is also a crucial element of effective fighting. If you harmonise with an opponent, they cannot hit you & you also can use non-violent solutions (e.g. control them). If […]