Systema – Russian Martial Arts

Visit Tibor’s new Systema website. Systema is a smart martial art and self-defence system, based on being relaxed. Moving without undesirable tension makes your movement more efficient. To be efficient you have to flow on your bodywave – kinetic energy. Being relaxed also improves your ability to adapt – to synchronise. To be aware of […]

Vital posture – Be like Fire

Be like fire 3/3 Balance 2/3 Dynamic process 1/3 Be like fire We should be relaxed, but not soft. Soft body is attracted just by earth, however we are made up also from fire; and fire flows to the sky. So, a vital are pulled by gravitational force down & by fire upwards. Fire also […]

Stay safer

smart self-defence workshop for ladies Smart people are not passively waiting to be attacked, they prepare.. Date:  21st February 2016 Time:  1-5pm Place:  The Freestyle Yoga Project, 42 High Street, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1XF Price: £45 Book now: ; 07788 538 272   ”Hello, My name is Claire. I have a medical background and I’m interested in all things […]

Flow to jab


Invisible strike – Talanov


How wave relaxes tissue?

What happened if I wave this towel…? The towel doesn’t stay any more. The Wave breaks down tension. Therefore if you have a stiff neck, you subconsciously wave it. How would proper bodywave workout improve your body? Wouldn’t you too, like to be more relaxed & fluid..?

First contact

Throwing strike

Video – Want to be more dynamics?

Want to be more dynamics person? MOVE DYNAMICALLY! Try every day 3-4 minutes & feel different! 😉 More info about Bodywaving:

Bodywaving seminar * Bratislava * April 2015

Pictures from Tibor’s Bodywaving seminar in Bratislava Slovakia. more about Bodywave: