How could Smart-defence help you?

1. SD helps you keep safe, protect yourself & your loved ones.
SD teaches us to automatically do the right movements at the right time.
The ability to harmonise will make you more effective in your day to day life…

2. SD change your body
The best strategy for self-defence is make your body more effective.
You can expect your body to be stronger, with more vitality.
Your body will also be more relaxed. However we are not just soft; we are elastic like a spring!
Relaxing allows us to move really dynamically & your movements could be flowing & elegant.
Better feeling & lower body tension improves our ability to adapt –harmonise; it allows you to use non-violent solutions.
Your new supple and stronger body will make you feel younger;)

3. SD gives you knowledge

  • about human body (biomechanics, revitalizing your body etc.)
  • how our mind works
  • tactics & strategy
  • psychology, body language & a lot more

Knowledge is motivation for your personal improvement.

4. SD lets you obtain invaluable experience

The best way to learn is through your personal experience.
First time you’re slow, making mistakes.  The next time, you are quicker, more confident, less mistakes…

5. SD explores & improves your mind

  • confidence
  • assertiveness
  • peace of mind & positive thinking
  • learn how cope with shock, stress & panic

SD will not lock you into techniques, SD lets you create & develop your own tailor made style using universal principles*. There is a lot space to express yourself as an artist of movements.

Some of our exercises are dynamic meditation.  Sometimes you focus intensely to achieve something, when you could do the opposite and empty your mind

Our training is also training of your will power.

We know that that laziness always breathes down our necks, but we never give up!

We choose on-going improvement as our life style & on the training we cultivate good habit… ;)