Tibor Moravcik

Founder of Smart-defence

Over 30 years of studying & analysing relevant aspects of conflict, human body & mind…


Sifu of Wing Chun Kung Fu
Instructor of Russian Systema
Karate Champion of Slovakia, 2002
Kick Boxing Champion of Slovakia, 2000
Professional Masseur Therapist
Founder of Bodywaving


I’ve always been active- gymnastics, athletics, swimming, cycling, skiing, football, tennis, basketball, & many others.

When I was about 11 years old I fell in love with Martial Arts (MA) and I found Goju Riu Karate and started training under master Ludovit Divinec.
I continued to train with many other Karate masters *

I then started to train in Kick-boxing, classic Boxing and Thai boxing.
As part of the Slovakian National Kick-boxing Team, in 2000 I became the Slovakian Kick-boxing champion.

I was also selected for the Slovakian National Karate Team and in 2002 I was the Ippon Shobu Karate (bare knuckle) Champion.

On one Karate camp a Tai Chi master called Zhai Hua joined us. This was first my contact with an internal MA and I knew that a softer Chinese system could relax me.
I found Wing Tsun Kung Fu and during my first contact with Sihing Marek Kircak he showed me how hardness doesn’t work with liquid (internal systems).
What I experienced was that he was going through my defences like a knife through butter and after the last 16 years of hard training I couldn’t ignore this fact. As easily as water behaves when it encounters something hard, it just flows round it.
From that moment I became a student of Sifu Richard Kapalko, and other masters in Wing Tsun**.
In 2005 moved to UK, and continue to study Wing Tsun to this day with the highly experienced Master Andrew Cameron (Founder of Wing Chun International, 13 years a head instructor of EWTO).
I’m mixing my Wing Chun also with great concept of Wing Revolution I learned from Sifu Victor Gutierrez.

After longer period of observation I started learning Russian Systema. This system teaches how to cope with stress, calm down, deal with pain & shock. To be smooth & relaxed. I am proud to be a certified instructor by Master Vladimir Vasiliev.

To experience different MA, I have also trained in Escrima (Master Bill Newman), Aikido, Taekwondo, BJJ, Judo, Ju Jitsu, and Wrestling amongst others.

My strategy is to learn with open mind, learning skills from every sources of MA. Aiming for permanent progress-tomorrow I want to be better than today.

To this end I have developed Smart-defence, MAA (Mixed Martial Arts) developed for real street situations.

Our system is based on traditional ancient MA, however we still developing the system using modern progressive scientific methods.

It is not a general mish-mash, it is THE SYSTEM based on principles which works generally in any MA. The principles will generate the right movements subconsciously. Therefore we are smooth & flowing like water.

I like to teach in a fun, playful way and by practising warrior games in safe surroundings, students quickly gain invaluable personal experience and an increased feeling of vitality.

For over 13 years I have worked as a doorman, allowing me to experience real street situations, and studying both the psychological and physical aspects of conflict in real life. This makes my training methods a little different, but I believe, more effective.

However a real warrior is not a destroyer, a real warrior is divine. Be good, nice and you will have peaceful happy life!

To increase the efficiency of all your movements I have developed a new program BODYWAVING. This improves your internal feelings, which in turn produces effective, smooth dynamic movements and increase your vitality.

Upgrade yourself!”

If you’d like to join to my class, workshop or indeed ask me about a seminar/workshop for your friends or company, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you cannot train personally with me, you still can learn form my blogs or free videos on my website, or YouTube Channel.


*Leo Lipinsky, Takeji Ogawa, Shuji Tasaki, Seiichi Fujiwara, Boris Horacek, Ladislav Klementis, Michal Slachtovsky, Rastislav Mraz, Jan Masek, Milos Smejkal.


** Dai-Sifu Oliver Konig & GM Keith R. Kernspecht.

*** I am glad to had a chance to learnt from Russian Systema Masters like Georgy Funtikov (Егор Гамаюн), Mikhail Ryabko, Martin Wheeler, Alexandr Maksimtsov, Sonny Puzikas, Valentin Talanov, Alexander Kostic Uldis Veismani, Val Riazanov & others.