By Tibor Moravcik I still remember how my grandma use to push me in the swing. She used to swing me for hours.. She was tireless, now I understand why: because she had a feeling for when to push me at the right moment – in harmony with kinetic energy – efficiently – with a […]

Vladimir Vasiliev – nice videos of our teacher

Chief Instructor of Systema Headquarters, Toronto Born in Russia, Vladimir Vasiliev received intense combative training and profound Systema training from Mikhail Ryabko. He has since personally trained and certified well over 500 qualified Russian Martial Art Systema instructors and schools in over 30 countries worldwide, and has produced an Award-Winning instructional film collection. He is […]

Flow to jab


Invisible strike – Talanov


How wave relaxes tissue?

What happened if I wave this towel…? The towel doesn’t stay any more. The Wave breaks down tension. Therefore if you have a stiff neck, you subconsciously wave it. How would proper bodywave workout improve your body? Wouldn’t you too, like to be more relaxed & fluid..?

New classes on the Common in Tunbridge Wells

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10 Common misconceptions about Systema

By Kevin Secours The Russian martial art of Systema is a relatively new art in Western consciousness. Having been previously classified during the Soviet era, it was only first revealed beyond the country’s borders in 1993. Even then, early promoters needed to work to establish its credibility as even many government and military officials refuted […]

Be quick * Short work

Why is Martial Art true Art?

Art /a:t/ noun The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Law of energy efficiency: “Use as little force as possible” leads a Martial Artist to flow smoothly & move lightly like dancers (of course that Martial Artists need to be sharper, more dynamic & are probably in different state of mind.). Then, the Martial Artist […]

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