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smart self-defence workshop for ladies


claire2Hello, My name is Claire. I have a medical background and I’m interested in all things that promote well-being.
I was sexually assaulted at knife-point, just yards away from safety, in my home town of Tunbridge Wells-still statistically one of the safer towns in the UK.
After the attack I consulted with many Professionals to aid my recovery and also had the opportunity to talk with the offender whilst he is in prison.
I would like to invite you to share the insights I
have learnt about sexual predators and more importantly, the positive aspects from this collaborative work with Tibor to further promote personal safety.

Claire Chung

Read more about Claire’s story in:
Kent Online: ‘Wicked’ rapist to serve indefinite jail term
The Telegraph: Dr Claire Chung has a right to be angry,
The Telegraph: ‘Why I must speak out to stop my rapist being freed’


flow-closeup‘I was shocked by Claire and my other friend recent experiences. It’s a shame that I wasn’t  there to help them.. I can’t change the past – However, we can still make some preparationwhich keep you safer.

We will explain relevant aspects and self-defenceprinciples on the common features of sexual attacks.

Our workshop will provide you your own personal experience to feel what works and what doesn’t.

We will develop ‘spatial  awareness’, proper strike. I’ll show you how common objects could be used for your protection. And of course, that I will teach you intuitive solutions how to free yourself from a grab of the arm, neck or from on the ground…

I hope that you will be lucky and you will never need it.. However, this experience will be with you for rest of your life, wherever you go. Why not have these tools..?”

Tibor Moravcik
Self-defence specialist
Instructor of Wing Chun, Russian Systema, Karate
Doorman – practice experience with violence



Smart people are not passively waiting to be attacked, they prepare..

logoDate:  21st February 2016
Time:  1-5pm
Place:  The Freestyle Yoga Project42 High Street, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1XF
Price: £45
Book now: ; 07788 538 272