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How to control an opponent?
How to put him down?
How to throw him out?


Inside & outside hook


Vertical strike


Clinch – basic analysis

Tibor analyses clinch:
1. How clinch can be used?
2. How to prevent clinch?
3. How to cope with clinch?


Short work – Sonny Puzikas – Systema

Sonny teaches you Short work.


Arm strike

Tibor explain basic elements how to strike arms..
e.g. Hit his arms safely – out his range.


Reactions against hook

1. Move your body! Don’t just rely on your arms.
2. Put your heat parallel within the line/plain of strike.
3. Moving of your moving away generate force for strike.


Become water with us…

Master Tibor present his concept ‘be water’ according Bruce Lee’s words…
1) relaxed body doesn’t crash
2) flow forward
3) use your arms to yield a strike
4) outspread movement automatically continues like a counter strike..
5) strike flow & crash
6) follow through