“Life Energy Cultivation program”

Supple?  Dynamics?  Elastic strength?  Energy?  Relaxation?  Feeling force?


Vitalizing extracted from core of traditional cultivation programs like Chinese Chi Kung, Russian Systema (warriors & healing program), Joga etc. & complemented it with modern scientific knowledge.

It is a wonderfully crafted program of breathing control, movement and self-massage to manage your everyday aches and pains, stresses and strains.

Vitalizing teaches you how to energize your body & make it suppler & younger.

Elastic strength, relaxation, harmony & better balance let you move with elegance of a panther…

You would be surprise how dynamically you can move!

Author of Vitalizing – Master Tibor Moravcik is professional intructor of Wing Chun kung fu, Russian Systema, Karate & also certificated massage therapist with many years practice.

London class at Fitness First, 95 Queen Victoria Street.
Book yourself every Thursday at 12:45-13:00